Tigers spotted in Kampung Besul


KUALA TERENGGANU: Yesterday, a pair of killer whales made a huge splash all over the news when they appeared near the oil rigs in Dulang, off the Terengganu coast, and today, villagers in Kampung Besul in Dungun were shocked when a pair of usually nocturnal tigers roamed along a road in the village in broad daylight.

Facebook user Adli Mohamed uploaded three pictures of the tigers, one leaning against a car and another resting under a tree.

He claimed in his posting that the pictures were authentic and that the incident happened today.

Terengganu National Parks and Wildlife Department director Dr Abdul Malik Yusof says the department will monitor the situation after a pair of tigers were spotted in Kampung Besul in Dungun. - Pic source: Facebook/Adli Mohamed


“They appeared before my eyes and I now know the experience of trying to escape from dangerous animal on a motorcycle,” he said, adding that the pictures were taken with his mobile phone camera.

State National Parks and Wildlife Department director Dr Abdul Malik Yusof confirmed the sighting of the tigers which had now returned to its jungle habitat.

“I have directed my men to monitor the situation and we will take the necessary action. We will not try to capture the animal at the moment because of its proximity to residential areas and may endanger villagers,” he said when contacted.

He advised villagers not to harm the protected animal or make attempt to capture them.

“We will act when necessary,” he added.