China Eastern Airlines

China Eastern Airlines

Valid Till
31st December 2020


This specific membership benefits include domestic and international flights, with different discounts for different classes. 



Please note that only MayCham members and whitelist people are eligible for special discounts.

注意:  只有商会会员,且白名单以内的人员才能享受特别折扣。


Process of Ticket Purchase:



  1. If you are not MayCham member, please contact the chamber staff to complete the membership/如您还不是商会会员,请先联系商会工作人员完成入会。
  2. If you are already a member but have not provided whitelist information, please provide corresponding information first and wait for activation (see whitelist below)/如您已经是商会会员,但还未提供白名单信息,请先提供对应信息并等待激活(见下方白名单)。
  3. If you are already a member and have provided the whitelist information, please contact the chamber staff directly to create your personal account, and then you can log on the website of China Eastern Airlines( purchase tickets/如您已经是商会会员,且已提供白名单信息,请直接联系商会工作人员创建您的个人账户,随后可登录东航网址(进行购票。