Secretary General

 Syn Tan is serving as Maycham Shanghai Secretary General for the second consecutive term. He joined Maycham Shanghai as a committee member in 2013 before becoming the vice Secretary General in 2015. He has been the Secretary General since 2017 and have been actively involved in event planning as well as liaison with the government agencies and direction of the chamber.


Syn Tan is also the CEO for Fastlane Group of Companies in Malaysia, which operates a 24 hour call center that provides emergency response services. Clients of his company include Proton, Perodua, Kia, Great Wall Motors, Hertz, Avis, KK-Mart, IKEA, HELP University, to name a few. The company is also operating in Shanghai and Shenzhen, which serves as a hub for sourcing of alarm devices, alarm panels and sos related products and has also expanded into other ASEAN countries.


Syn Tan holds a Bachelor of Applied Science degree from RMIT University in Melbourne and a Masters of Business from Charles Sturt University.