History of Chamber

In year 1994 the Malaysian community based in Beijing set up an informal association with the intention of facilitating opportunities for networking among Malaysians and friends from local communities. This association was unofficially named MAYCHAM Beijing. This team of enthusiastic volunteers worked towards bringing legitimacy and legal status for its organization. Its long held wish became a reality. MAYCHAM Beijing became MAYCHAM China.

In September 2004, MAYCHAM China, The Malaysian Chamber of Commerce and Industry in China, was officially approved by the Chinese authority (the “Foreign Chamber Management Provisional Regulation of the People’s Republic of China) in Beijing.

Two years later MAYCHAM Shanghai Chapter was formed to support MAYCHAM China’s activities in Shanghai and the provinces of Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Anhui.

The pioneers of MAYCHAM in Beijing and Shanghai work closely with each other. Together with the Malaysian Embassy the pioneers promote and strengthen its role and relevance as a Chamber in China fast changing business landscape.

Mission statement of MayCham Shanghai Chapter

Business Platform
Maycham Shanghai Chapter is a pro-active Chamber of Commerce which advocates, facilitates and fosters friendship, good faith, integrity, equitable principles, charity and environmental consciousness in preserving our environment and its ecosystems founded on corporate responsibility in serving its members and their local communities.

We create a conducive environment by providing a platform where our members, associates, friends and business representatives can meet and exchange views and ideas which enhance opportunities and visibility for their economic development and quality of life. Our organisation is open to all nationalities where diversity generates new opportunities and scope for our members. MayCham Shanghai Chapter is committed to its mission’s ideal by listening, applying and communicating its values through sensitivity and community involvement.

Corporate Social Responsibility
Maycham Shanghai Chapter upholds and values its social responsibility to the communities it work with. It is focused in helping the poor and disadvantaged, in the promotion of urban health and the preservation of natural environment for future generations. By tapping into its network in the commercial and business communities its members voluntarily serves the community through social activities and corporate donations. Working closely with its only nominated organisation, the Overseas Chinese Charity Foundation ( SOCF ), the mutual trust and close working relationship therefrom have enabled successful work with beneficiaries

Environmental Care at Heart
MayCham Shanghai Chapter is a strong promoter of green and eco-friendly products as part of its working mandate with the commercial world in China. In underscoring this theme, Maycham Shanghai annual golf game was officially coined “One World One Earth One Life” about 3 years ago with the objective of encouraging its members, friends and associates to have Environmental Care close to their heart.

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Our consulting is free, join MAYCHAM today! Some businesses face problems in their investment. First and foremost, China and Malaysia have a lot of differences and not converged in policies and regulations. If we are unfamiliar with these differences, we will come across many problems in practice. Next, when choosing collaboration partners, if we do not fully understand our partners because of the limited information, misunderstandings will occur. The information, which is provided by MAYCHAM China, is more accurate and the contact surface is more extensive, helps the enterprises avoid these problems. “Consultations is free, so why not?”

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